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If you are in need of Urogynecologist services in Los Angeles, CA, Andrey Petrikovets, MD, FACOG is here to serve you. Our office provides a variety of services, including Minimally Invasive Surgery, Pelvic Pain, Minimally Invasive Surgery, and Incontinence to our patients with care and expertise. Andrey Petrikovets, MD, FACOG has served many happy patients of the Los Angeles community. We hope to see you in our office soon!


Los Angeles is located in Los Angeles County, near the cities of West Hollywood, CA and Beverly Hills, CA. The city is home to a variety of schools, including James A. Garfield Senior High, and colleges such as University Of California-Los Angeles and University Of Southern California. Patients of our practice can enjoy local attractions and activities in Los Angeles such as Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Pier, and Santa Monica Farmers Market. After your appointment, grab a bite to eat at one of Los Angeles's many lively restaurants, including Eggslut or Majordomo.


See What Our Patients Say About This Location:

Dr. Valdes is currently taking care of me for my first (YAHOO!) pregnancy after trying for seven years. Currently 26 weeks pregnant, I am considered a "risky pregnancy" (i’m 41 with thyroid issues) and he has been looking after me closely and I appreciate that. He was a little quiet at first, but he has good bedside manner and is thoughtful and patient, because I have bad anxiety (re: bedside manner: I am chunky and he has never body shamed me as Drs love to do) He is thorough in his tests for me, and I appreciate it. He has never once been rude to me or my husband. He returns calls promptly, and the turn around wait time for letters for work restrictions is literally, a day. Dr. Valdes is a good doctor and I appreciate him. If you are an anxious person like me, let your issues/needs be known right away. He listens.  The front staff were a little intimidating at first, but like I said, we have warmed up to each other and it’s nice. The wait time to see the Dr is never horribly long, I had it much worse on the west side. In regards to handling the current pandemic, be considerate, the front staff (who are just doing their job) is constantly getting yelled at by upset patients because their partners are unable to come into the appointments with them (hey, I admit, I am very sad my husband can’t come in with me, but there’s no need to take it out on staff.) The staff also makes you change your mask and gloves (should you come in with your own mask) as a precaution so that you don’t contaminate the office with your personal flora and fauna. It’s just a precaution. I have to do it, i’m not insulted.  No big deal. Ohyeah, parking is validated in the office for $1. They don’t take cards so bring some quarters.

George G

May 07, 2020


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 at what most would consider a pretty young age to be diagnosed. I met Dr. Holmes at a Women’s clinic in Santa Monica. He then guided me though the steps of what eventually led me to The Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health. I’ve been cancer free since 2013 and I couldn’t be more grateful for the staff here. Since I’ve been a patient they have treated me with compassion and warmth and given me the support that I’ve needed to continue being cancer free. Hermerra and each of the staff members know me by name and treat me like family. I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation for someone who is dealing with a similar situation as mine. THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES OVER LACWH ;-)


October 14, 2016


When I found a lump on my breast in April 2012 I knew I might be in big trouble but I'm a procrastinator.  I had been negligent in getting mammograms and even when I had this lump checked into (mammogram/ultrasound) I had to put off the biopsy because we had two trips scheduled.  Even so, I knew I better be ready to hit the ground running when I returned from Kauai so I did all the research in July and August and put Dr. Dennis Holmes at the top of my list of surgeons I hoped I would never have to visit.   My biopsy brought with it the news no one ever wants to hear:  it's a tumor and it's malignant.  My general practitioner called that night and his first words were "you better be calling a surgeon tomorrow."  I had already talked to him about Dr. Holmes and I had read very favorable mentions about Dr. Holmes on  The next morning I made the call and, fortunately, due to a cancellation, I was able to get an appointment the next day.  For all the procrastination I had done, I did manage to get all the paperwork prior to going on vacation so, in a fit of nervousness, I filled out everything and drove to downtown to the Los Angeles Center for Women's Health to deliver the forms.  I just wanted to see the place and I wanted to feel like I was actually doing something, versus sitting at home freaking out about my world being turned upside down.   As I was sitting and waiting for the paperwork to be reviewed Dr. Holmes walked down the hallway and introduced himself.  He was on his way to speak at a seminar but he took the time to say hello and that meant the world to me.  I will never forget that day, his handshake, what I was wearing, what he was wearing.  Strange, but everything stands still when you get bad news like that and all the details seem to go technicolor, at least for me.   The next day my husband and I spent two to three hours at the center, meeting with Dr. Holmes, meeting with the radiologist, discussing options, reconstruction, etc.  Everyone, including Dr. Holmes, was so patient and kind.  I never felt rushed and he took the time to answer every single one of my questions - sometimes twice, because I was so nervous/scared that I might have missed an important detail, plus, I'm diagnosed as OCD so I tend to ask a LOT of questions.   Dr. Holmes is the only surgeon I've had throughout this ordeal who took the time to call me at home and ask how I was doing.  When I woke up from surgery at about 9:00 p.m. who was there in the hospital room?  The nurse, my husband . . . and Dr. Holmes - who had come in to check on me before leaving for the night.  The next morning he was there again and although he was going out of town for a seminar he even took the time to call me once I got home to check on how I was recovering.   One of the other reviewers has covered Dr. Holmes' credentials so I won't go into all that.  I did the research and I knew he was my go-to guy.  I just hoped I wouldn't have to go to him . . . but since I did - I'm sure glad I was living in the Los Angeles area where his practice is located.   If you've been putting off a mammogram, go get it done.  If you're ever in a situation where you need surgery for breast cancer - go see Dr. Holmes.   This isn't an easy review to write . . . restaurants and plant nurseries are much easier to write about but since I've relied on reviews throughout my breast cancer experience I feel it's only right to pass it along to the next person who might need some insight on a very difficult situation.

Lee A

May 11, 2014


This is an amazing facility. It's a new, clean, state of the art facility that I recommend to all my friends. I work and live downtown. So it is conveniently located for me. However, it is worth the trip downtown for those who not already there.  It's always a pleasant experience at Los Angeles Center for Women's Health. The staff is amazingly supportive, professional, and proactive when it comes to women's health. The nurse practitioner Homer is my favorite. She is very friendly, compassionate, and nurturing. She makes even the most awkward of situations comfortable. It may sound silly but a visit with Homera is like a hug from your mom. She is amazingly comforting and brightens your day. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Kim S

December 12, 2013


Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 was incredibly hard on me emotionally and physically. Not satisfied with my first surgeon I decided to get a second opinion and was referred to The Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health. The minute I walked into their doors I was greeted with kindness and compassion and felt like a normal person rather than someone who was ill with cancer. Dr. Dennis Holmes was very detailed in regards to explaining my treatment and surgery and Homera (their nurse practitioner) made me feel like a member of her family. I highly recommend them.

Neila M

December 11, 2013